Twitter activates the new @POTUS with zero followers

Twitter activates the new @POTUS with zero followers
As promised, Twitter activated new government accounts after Joe Biden took office. Compared to the previous transition (from Obama to Trump), however, there is something new: all @POTUS followers have been eliminated. With the arrival of the new President, the White House website has also been updated, now more accessible.

Twitter deletes the followers of @POTUS

On the occasion of the transition from Obama to Trump in the 2017, Twitter had archived tweets from the @POTUS account in @ POTUS44, leaving all followers. The same procedure for messages was applied with the transition from Trump to Biden, moving them to @ POTUS45, but this time all followers were deleted. The company led by Jack Dorsey has not clarified the reasons for this decision. The @WhiteHouse account has also lost all followers.

Affected users have received a notification and can start following the accounts of the new administration. Right now @POTUS has 4.8 million followers (it was 33 million), while @WhiteHouse has 3.2 million followers (it was 26 million). Vice President Kamala Harris’s @VP account has 7.2 million followers.

The official White House website was also updated with Biden’s inauguration. Now there are two settings that allow you to activate the high-contrast mode (dark mode) and enlarge the characters, two new features that demonstrate a greater attention to accessibility.

The message has also been hidden in the HTML code "If you're reading this, we need your help building back better", followed by the link pointing to the US site Digital Service. The message is therefore addressed to Information Technology experts.

Source: The Verge