[SPOILER] The Medium: How to open the secret door in the Red House

[SPOILER] The Medium: How to open the secret door in the Red House

The Medium Spoiler

The Secret Door is one of the many mysteries you'll encounter in Bloober Team's new horror title available on PC and Xbox Series X. To find out what it's hiding, you'll first need to unlock it with a code found by investigating the objects in the basement.

How to find the Secret Door and the code

The door we are talking about is located in the basement of the Red House. To reach it, you must first solve the puzzle of the dollhouse and the butterfly on the first floor, using the mirror. After you do this, the mirror will disappear and you can venture into the basement. Once down, you will notice a noticeable crack in the wall of the main room. Marianne can cross it without too much difficulty, finding herself right in front of the infamous door, which can only be opened with a code.

Finding the code

To find the code, you'll have to go back to the main room in the basement. , then passing through the crack in the wall. Once done, go through the door that you will have directly in front, on the opposite side from the wall with the crack. Inside this new room you will find a green locker, with a chest next to it; above the trunk you will notice that there is an object: it is a sheet of paper, a receipt.

Collect it, then use the wire cutters to open the green locker. It contains an empty box for a pocket watch, given to Thomas by his wife on the occasion of their 10th anniversary. The receipt is just for the watch and is dated 1976. This is the number you need: in fact, taking 10 from 1976, you get 1966, which is the code needed to open the secret door. There is nothing left to do but go back and enter the number on the keypad to open the door and find out what it hides.

The Medium is a game full of puzzles. If you are having problems with one of them, among our pages you will find other useful guides, such as the one dedicated to the enigma of the Clock in the Hotel Niwa.