Intel Rocket Lake, very high temperatures and consumption even for the new generation of chips?

Intel Rocket Lake, very high temperatures and consumption even for the new generation of chips?
According to some tests appeared on the net, it seems that the Intel Rocket Lake-S processors are destined to reach high temperatures and consumptions as well as the previous processors of the Comet Lake-S series. Going more into the matter, the Core i9-11900KF CPU was examined, built once again on the now more than mature 14nm production node and equipped with eight cores and sixteen threads. As for the TDP, it should be equal to 125W, although it seems that the chip can go up to 250-330W when the frequency of all cores increases to its maximum limit for a limited period of time. Supporting such a tangible difference between Power Limit Standard (PL1) and Power Level Turbo on all cores (PL2) requires a high-end motherboard, quality power supply, and adequate cooling. Also, Intel has had to raise the PL2 on its latest CPUs in an effort to make them more competitive.

Apparently, pushed the Intel Core i9-11900KF to its limit, it recorded a temperature of 98 ° C and 2 50W of power with a VCore of 1.325V while running the AIDA64 FPU stress test, as reported on Chiphell. The CPU was cooled using a 360mm closed-loop liquid cooling system. Unfortunately, the frequencies used have not been disclosed, but, based on the leaks, the processor should normally run at 3.50GHz and be able to boost up to 4.80GHz for short periods.

Credits: Chiphell Although the Rocket Lake-S CPU is based on a new microarchitecture and has a number of other advantages over the Comet Lake-S processors, it seems that the temperatures reached and the power consumption will be comparable to those of its predecessors, at least according to the results of this stress test. Obviously, we remind our readers that these are only unconfirmed preliminary tests, so to get a better idea of ​​the potential of the new Intel Rocket Lake-S CPUs we will have to wait to have them first in our hands.

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