WhatsApp: new features announced through the state, advertising in sight?

WhatsApp: new features announced through the state, advertising in sight?
WhatsApp announced today the arrival of some new features and did so through a feature of the app particularly loved by users: the State. However, this has raised a doubt: will the company use this function to insert advertising in the app?

The first posts in this sense concerned precisely the explanation of this novelty: users will have to get used to finding new ones States whenever, within WhatsApp, new features will be implemented.

In the four stories published, the company belonging to the Facebook Inc. group has emphasized precisely that, in the event that changes are made or updates in the app, the company will publish these states to explain how they work.

We can define it as an easier way to reach as many users as possible and explain to everyone what's new, even to whom is less accustomed to following these issues within the technology sites or in the various blogs or simply for those who do not stop to read the official changelog published on the Play Store every time the applications are updated.

Whatsapp news In addition to the explanation of this novelty, in the other three states, the US giant was keen to reiterate that it will continue to work constantly to guarantee the privacy of all its users, a sort of signal to respond to the myriad of criticism received after the publication of the new privacy policies, mandatory to continue using the app, decision then postponed.

WhatsApp privacy It was then reiterated that WhatsApp is unable to read or even listen to private conversations between users, as they are protected by end-to-end encryption, adopted to guarantee maximum confidentiality. . Many see these ads as a red herring and that soon WhatsApp may decide to include advertisements within the app, to ensure that they are free to use.

Where these could be placed ads? Directly within the States, in fact, after an initial experimental phase, in which WhatsApp would adopt them only to announce the new features, it could subsequently exploit them to insert advertising.

If indeed for the States posted by the normal users can be silenced and no longer appear in the "Recent Updates" for those posted directly from WhatsApp, all this will not be possible. We will certainly not see this possibility in a very short time, but we will not see it in a time not too far away.

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