Ninja does not take responsibility for the racist phrases in his Twitch chat

Ninja does not take responsibility for the racist phrases in his Twitch chat
During a recent interview with the microphones of the New York Times, the famous streamer of Fortnite Chapter 2 and Valorant Tyler "Ninja" Blevins spoke of the increasingly widespread phenomenon of racism in Twitch chats.

The words of the Streamers about the phenomenon have been very direct and, for some fans, questionable:

"It all depends on the parents. Do you really want to know your children? Listen to them while they are playing video games and do not know about your presence. C 'is also something else: how does a white kid know he has privileges if his parents have never taught him anything like that or talked about racism? "

"It's not my job to have this kind of conversation with kids. The first thing I think when I see racist phrases in chat is to think it's someone who wants to make fun of me. If someone mentions racist phrases In another streamer's live stream, there's a chance that character will get banned. It's terrible, but that's the first thing that comes to mind. "

In short, it seems that Ninja's philosophy is not based only on the desire not to deal with certain topics during his direct, but also on the fear of taking a wrong step and being banned from the platform, which in recent times has is shown to be very attentive to problems of this type and has no qualms in suspending or banning permanently. In this regard, just recently new rules have come into force that push streamers to moderate their chats more carefully, under penalty of banning the channel or individual users who write insults or phrases of dubious taste.