Cyber ​​Shadow: the author only used 25% of the plot, will the rest be DLC?

Cyber ​​Shadow: the author only used 25% of the plot, will the rest be DLC?
Cyber ​​Shadow was released earlier this week (also directly as part of Microsoft's Game Pass). We are talking about an 8-bit style action platformer in which we play a ninja, named Shadow, the last survivor in an ancient order. Shadow finds himself in a strange world of technology and decides to destroy those who have torn his clan and the world to pieces. As required by the genre, the plot is simple and not very present in the game. However, it seems that the author only used 25% of the game's story / lore.

The information comes through an interview released during a Goomba Stomp podcast. Celia Schilling, marketing manager of Yatch Club Games (which is in charge of publishing Cyber ​​Shadow), said: "What you have a way to live in Cyber ​​Shadow is currently only 25% of the story that Aarne [editor's note, author] has. Aarne created a great backstory for Cyber ​​Shadow. I remember we were working on the character profile and I asked him: 'Okay Aarne, tell me a little bit about Shadow, like what do you do for fun?' and he said 'Shadow, of course, is gifted with great sensitivity. But before he went to the dojo where he met the Master, he set out on a lonely journey to make sure he hadn't been corrupted internally. br> Cyber ​​Shadow therefore actually has much more to say and tell. So the question is: will he use those ideas for a sequel or perhaps a DLC? The author has already stated that if the public were interested in new content there would be a chance to develop something new for Cyber ​​Shadow.

The first votes are great for the Mechanical Head Games action platform, so there sure is a game to watch.

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