Corsair MP600, liquid-cooled SSD

Corsair MP600, liquid-cooled SSD
Solid state drives have now supplanted the anachronistic mechanical hard drives, as they offer much higher performance. Corsair's new proposals take speed to extreme levels, also taking advantage of a liquid cooling system. The MP600 series consists of three models with capacities up to 4 TB.

Corsair MP600, SSD for gaming

Corsair MP600 SSDs have a PCIe Gen4 x4 NVMe interface and an M format .2 2280 (similar to RAM). The MP600 CORE and MP600 PRO models are equipped with an aluminum heatsink that disperses heat. The cooling system of the MP600 PRO Hydro X Edition model is instead composed of a water block (also sold separately) which allows to further increase performance.

The Corsair MP600 CORE, available in capacities of 1, 2 and 4TB, uses QLC 3D NAND flash memory (four bits per cell). Maximum sequential read and write speeds are 4,950 and 3,950 MB / s. The Corsair MP600 PRO, available in capacities of 1 and 2 TB (4 TB later), uses 3D TLC (three bits per cell) NAND flash memory instead. The maximum sequential read and write speeds are 7,000 and 6,550 MB / s.

Finally, the Corsair MP600 PRO Hydro X Edition with 2 TB capacity uses 3D TLC NAND flash memory and achieve maximum sequential read and write speeds of 7,000 and 6,550 MB / s, like the MP600 PRO model, but support higher operating temperatures thanks to the water block.

All models have a five-year warranty. The SSD Toolbox software allows the execution of various operations, such as secure deletion and firmware update. Base prices are $ 154.99 (MP600 CORE), $ 224.99 (MP600 PRO) and $ 459.99 (MP600 PRO Hydro X Edition).

Source: Corsair