Halo Infinite: new in-engine render images for weapons arrive

Halo Infinite: new in-engine render images for weapons arrive
343 Industries has published in the night the new post of the Inside Infinite series on Halo Waypoint: as promised, the studio will provide monthly updates on Halo Infinite from now on, so let's find out what are the news announced on this occasion.

Il long post focuses on two aspects, the weapons of Halo Infinite and the control system. As for the weapons, the team has released some screenshot renderings of Needler, MA40 AR, Hydra, VK78 Commando and CQS48 Bulldog, as pointed out by Lead Weapon Designer David Price, these are work in progress models and therefore what is shown is destined to change in the coming months.

343 is working not only to improve the design of the weapons but also the characteristics of the same with the aim of obtaining a better performance in the game, at this About the developers invite the community to make themselves heard by not sparing feedback on the feeling of the weapons based on their experience with the Halo The Master Chief Collection. Each weapon will have its own specific purpose and advantage, in this way each gun will be totally differentiated from the others and players can choose without hesitation the weapon that best suits their style. Also confirmed the presence of various types of ammunition capable of inflicting more or less important damage to opponents.

Just the mega-themed Halo collection is also taken as an example to set the Halo Infinite controls scheme even if it is the possibility of freely reconfiguring the controls has been confirmed, furthermore the optimization work on the engine is mentioned at the end and the release of Halo Infinite on Xbox One / One S is also reiterated, despite the rumors circulated at the end of last year.

Halo Infinite will arrive during Fall 2021 on PC, Xbox One / One S and Xbox Series X / S, 343 will provide updates on a monthly basis while the launch date will be revealed later, presumably during the summer .