So we will travel at 1000 Km / h with Hyperloop

So we will travel at 1000 Km / h with Hyperloop
It is not yet time to get on Hyperloop to go to the office or to move from one end of our cities to the other, but that time will come. This is what Virgin reiterates today with the publication of the video that shows what a journey will be like with this highly innovative transport system.

Virgin Hyperloop: a simulation of the journey

I pod ( or capsules) will be able to reach a speed of over 1,000 Km / h (to be precise 1,080 Km / h) inside an enclosed and almost completely air-free environment so as to minimize the friction generated during the movement. For the same purpose, a magnetic levitation system is used which keeps the wagons detached from their guides. In the simulation shared on YouTube also all the comforts of the case: from the tables with top for wireless charging of smartphones to WiFi connectivity for surfing or working while waiting to reach your destination.

A November the first test with passengers on board was successfully carried out: acceleration from 0 to 278 km / h in 6.4 seconds on a stretch of 149 meters. Below the video.

The Hyperloop project was born from a vision of Elon Musk (Tesla, SpaceX, etc.) then entrusted to third parties. The long-term goal is to bring the transportation system all over the world, but setting up the necessary infrastructure will not be easy considering their complexity.

Source: Virgin Hyperloop on YouTube