Cashback, pay attention to the IBAN (or you lose everything)

Cashback, pay attention to the IBAN (or you lose everything)
There is a small important detail to take care of in order to take home the December cashback without having to go through January with the regret of having wasted 10 transactions for nothing. This small detail relates to the IBAN, which must necessarily be entered by 31 December 2020 for the purposes of this first phase of extra Christmas cashback.

The IBAN must be entered by 31 December

The rule may go unnoticed by many, but it is clearly indicated in the FAQ of the service:

to allow the crediting of any refunds you may be entitled to, you must indicate the IBAN code by the end of the period of reference.

Since the first reference period expires on December 31, in order to use this first cashback it is therefore necessary to enter the IBAN on the IO app within the same deadline. In fact, in the absence of this step, the accumulated amount of your ten (or more) transactions will be permanently lost.

App IO: how to check the IBAN

To check if the IBAN has been duly registered when activating the cashback, simply open the IO app, click on the relevant tab and then scroll to the bottom of the page: if the IBAN has been registered, it will be correctly indicated, verifiable and possibly modifiable.

Please note that reimbursements to the current account relating to the indicated IBAN will take place within 60 days of the end of each reference period: the December 2020 cashback will therefore be reimbursed within the first few days of March 2021. The the amount received will not have any curtailment by the tax authorities: "according to the draft budget law 2021, all the reimbursements obtained with the Cashback do not contribute to forming the income of the beneficiary and are not subject to taxation".