Control Ultimate Edition for PS4 / PS5 free with PlayStation Plus, not everyone is happy

Control Ultimate Edition for PS4 / PS5 free with PlayStation Plus, not everyone is happy
Sony has unveiled the new free PlayStation Plus games of February 2021 for PS4 and PS5 a few hours ago, including Control Ultimate Edition. Good news, isn't it? A game acclaimed by audiences and critics free for subscribers to the service. However, not everyone is happy with this choice.

The Ultimate Edition of the Remedy game is the only version of the that allows you to get the next-gen upgrade of Control for free for PS5, while the owners of the smooth version ( even those who have purchased the DLC or the Season Pass) will necessarily have to buy the Ultimate Edition to enjoy the updated and optimized version for PlayStation 5.

During the end-of-year sales of the PlayStation Store Control Ultimate Edition was proposed at a discounted price and many have therefore bought the game pending the update arriving on February 2. The news of the arrival in the PS Plus lineup in February has displeased those who have bought the Ultimate Edition of Control a few days ago, part of the community did not like the behavior of the publisher 505 Games that would have previously encouraged the purchase by discounting the game and then he would have "given" the latter to PlayStation Plus subscribers without any prior communication.

It must be said that it is difficult to blame Remedy or 505 Games directly, the publisher has every right to more advantageous commercial agreements for him and at the same time to discount a video game to make it more appealing to the public, this is obviously a strategy to give Control more visibility right in the period of release of the next-gen update for PS5.

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