When does Horizon 2 Forbidden West come out for PS4 and PS5?

When does Horizon 2 Forbidden West come out for PS4 and PS5?
When does Horizon 2 come out? Announced last summer during the PlayStation 5 presentation event, the new Guerrilla Games game has been lost in recent months ... is there any hope for a launch in 2021? Let's try to figure it out.

In recent weeks on PS5 the Game Hub dedicated to Horizon Forbidden West has appeared while more recently Guerrilla has announced the end of support for Horizon Zero Dawn PC to focus on the development of Horizon 2 and accelerate the works on the new episode of the series.

Horizon Forbidden West (this is the official title) is expected for a generic 2021 as a cross-gen game on PlayStation 4 and PS5 but it is not easy to understand where the works are. Sony postponed Returnal for PlayStation 5 by a month in mid-January (launch is now scheduled for April) and this could impact the rest of the lineup of exclusives for the current year as well, with Ratchet & Clank still missing a date. of release, as well as Gran Turismo 7 and Final Fantasy XVI.

With (relatively) few consoles actually distributed on the market, it cannot be ruled out that Sony wants to preserve Horizon Forbidden West by launching the game at the end of the year or in the very first months of 2022, however, these are only hypotheses. At the moment, it is more difficult to predict a launch at the beginning of 2021, considering that the marketing campaign has not yet come to fruition, however the summer release cannot be ruled out a priori according to many insiders ... we hope to find out more in the next State of Play.

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