LoL: Mystery Skin Shards free on Prime Gaming, here's when to get them

LoL: Mystery Skin Shards free on Prime Gaming, here's when to get them
With Twitch Prime Gaming, you can get a free mystery skin shard every ten days, until April 2021. We tell you how and when.

The popular streaming platform is back with a new promotion for League of Legends that allows players (obviously those who have a Prime Gaming subscription) to have the opportunity to redeem Mystery Skin Shards for free to unlock champion skins.

Every 10 days or so, a new promotion will start, so try to sign up the dates on the calendar, so as not to miss an appointment with the rewards.

Some of these are already active and can be redeemed until February 4th. You will receive a Mystery Skin Shard, which you can open on the loot client page. The promotion is likely to continue after these three months, but nothing has been announced yet.

You can then choose to keep or destroy three Shards for a random Permanent Skin.

The Dates on which the promotion is available are:

February 4th
February 15th
February 25th
March 8th
March 18th
March 29th

Make sure, of course, that you have your Riot Games account connected to it Twitch Prime Gaming. If you want to learn more about the competitive aspects of the Riot MOBA, we recommend the guide to the new European esports season.

If, on the other hand, you are more mobile types, take a look at our page dedicated to the version League of Legends paperback, Wild Rift.