Hollow Knight Silksong and more: Team Cherry is already thinking about the next game

Hollow Knight Silksong and more: Team Cherry is already thinking about the next game
Work on Hollow Knight Silksong, the most anticipated indie game of 2021, is not finished yet, but the guys from Team Cherry are already thinking about their next game, which apparently will take them away from Hallownest ...

In the course of a recent interview with Edge magazine, co-directors Ari Gibson and William Pellen confessed that they are already gathering ideas for their next title, which will not be tied to the Hollow Knight franchise. "Well, we have that non-Hollow Knight game that needs to be made," Gibson began. "It was left in the drawer, which is fine, but we are both very excited about the idea of ​​dedicating ourselves to it. At the moment there are only documents that continue to be expanded as new ideas emerge. So we are on the right path, because if a document exists, month after month it expands with new elements. Creating a game that is not Hollow Knight is not very different. They are simply great worlds in which we can wander, meet characters and go on adventures ".

After that, he shared a few faint hints about the themes of the new game: "The theme may change a bit, so you might not have a sword or a needle as a weapon. But beyond that the experience is very similar. . Maybe the characters won't have that many horns. " Pellen, for his part, added: "We could learn not to make such big worlds. I wonder what would happen. It's probably impossible, but we'll try."

Hollow Knight Silksong, remember, is currently only available on PC and Nintendo Switch. Recently, Team Cherry also told us about the difficulty and the protagonist of Hollow Knight Silksong.

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