Star Wars: The High Republic: Nihil introduced

Star Wars: The High Republic: Nihil introduced
A couple of months ago, Disney's Investor Day was held during which the main projects relating to the company's intellectual property, including Star Wars, were revealed. One of the most important announcements concerns the desire to expand the universe of the saga by exploring the so-called High Republic with various works, that is the historical period that is approximately 200 years before the events of the Skywalker saga.

This project, formerly known under the code name “Project Luminous“, was started in 2018 and will involve various mediums: from novels and comics to TV series (such as The Acolyte).

To introduce this new period, Lucasfilm has started to publish a series of animated shorts on its social networks. A way for users to take a look at the narrative elements that will make up The High Republic project.

In the video below, Nihil is presented. These are a criminal organization operating primarily around the Upper Republic's Outer Rim, specifically taking advantage of people who have been endangered by the Great Disaster: a tragedy in which a large cargo ship, known as the Legacy Run, collided with an object while in hyperspace; the collision caused numerous debris, including cargo and passenger accommodation, to scatter at the speed of light across the galaxy and causing massive damage on a large scale.

Initially the Nihils were mostly anarchist marauders, but over time they have become increasingly organized thanks to access to Path engines. These allow Nihil ships to travel through hyperspace in a way that allows them to appear out of nowhere virtually anywhere. The circle of those who control these Path engines, called Eye of the Nihil, are entitled to a percentage of each raid by the raiders who use them.

The Nihils will then act as antagonists, representing a decidedly chaotic and very chaotic faction. less structured than the Empire or the First Order. Despite this, their organization continues to gain power and could turn into a weapon capable of overwhelming even the Jedi Order and destroying the Republic.

It will be interesting to see how the situation evolves, especially considering the internal conflicts that these space pirates could potentially develop.

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