Xiaomi with removable camera, modular future?

Xiaomi with removable camera, modular future?
Xiaomi is developing a smartphone with modular technology, judging by the patents that have emerged. For now, the known information concerns the presence of a removable camera that can have its advantages, for example that of being updated from time to time with increasingly efficient and resolute modules and optics.

According to the rumors of 91Mobiles , Xiaomi could actually brush up on the concept of modular smartphone. He certainly has the strength and tenacity to do so, especially by learning from the failure of Google's Project Ara a few years ago.

The modular project of the Mountain View company envisaged a unique "skeleton" to which it could connect. , the various modules: RAM, ROM, camera, battery, display, etc, all replaceable modules to change, improve and update the functionality of a smartphone without the need to buy a new one.

The project has never saw the light, but gave the idea to Fairphone to make it and carry it forward over the years with a sustainable approach. Among other things, the company is the only one to have these types of smartphones in the catalog. Returning briefly to the Xiaomi patent, this paints the possibility of using other modules that differ in characteristics but also in aesthetics. There are various shapes and it will also be possible to replace the front camera in such a way as to always try new ones.

It will probably still be years before we can see such a more widespread technology on the market, especially because Google has decided to interrupt her after realizing that the time was not yet right. As we often say in the case of patents, this one just reported is not synonymous with a real smartphone but helps us to know what the company, in this case Xiaomi, is testing, innovating and developing over time.

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