Brickit: the free app that scans your LEGOs and tells you what to build

Brickit: the free app that scans your LEGOs and tells you what to build


Anyone who has owned a LEGO set knows the daunting task of digging through a pile of bricks to find the right piece to complete their artwork. Now, all this hassle can be avoided thanks to the new free Brickit app! In short, it is the right app for any LEGO fan. But let's see in more detail how it works.

Brickit: scan legos and get suggestions for your projects

The new Brickit app uses artificial intelligence to recognize individual pieces and suggest possible buildings. Just scan your batch of bricks with your camera to find specific pieces and get design suggestions based on your collection. In fact, the artificial intelligence is able to recognize the bricks even if they are semi-hidden or placed horizontally or vertically.

The repertoire of possible constructions includes a wide range of birthday cakes, robots, pears, pirate ships and airplanes and users can choose one of the various projects from the list.

Once you have finished your project, you can take a picture and save it in a folder and share it with your friends on social networks or from instant messaging apps.

Below you can watch the promotional video of the Brickit app:

34-year-old Leonid Aleksandrov, who worked at Russian search engine Yandex before founding Brickit two years ago, and his team of 14 people from Moscow have already entered 1500 Lego instructions into the database. Building plans for fan creations will also be added soon.

Currently available for Apple iOS, Brickit is expected to be made available to Android users later this year.

One important thing: Brickit was made by fans and is not an official LEGO product. The LEGO group of companies does not sponsor or support the app. Who knows if in the future, if the app is successful, it could become an original LEGO product.

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Brickit Is An App That Scans LEGO Bricks And Recommends You What To Build

If you’re a LEGO fanatic, chances are that you probably have a bunch of extra bricks stored somewhere in your home. If you’ve been having trouble finding the inspiration to build anything with them, then you may want to consider downloading a nifty fan-made mobile app called Brickit. What it does is that it will recommend a variety of potential bite-sized projects by scanning your brick pile via your smartphone camera. 

This is thanks to the magic of Brickit’s built-in AI which can identify different types, colour and even number of LEGO bricks or parts. After a successful scan, the app will then highlight relevant bricks and list out at least one suggested build that you can work on with what you currently have. And yes, it will also provide you with the instructions on how to build them.

Brickit App iOS iPhone Lego

Based on the examples shown in the app’s preview on its website and Apple App Store, these projects include simple miniature replicas of vehicles, animals, electronics and so on. And don’t worry if you lack the same coloured bricks as per the instructions, as Brickit encourages you to customise each build with your own personal touch.

Other than that, the app includes a photo sharing feature where you can snap a photo of the completed build and share it with other users. Concurrently, you’ll be able to browse the various kits that others have shared on the platform as well by navigating to the in-app Gallery.

Brickit App iOS iPhone Lego

As promising as all of this may sound, do keep in mind that Brickit is not always accurate and would not guarantee a build after every scan. It’s also worth noting that the app is unable to identify DUPLO or LEGO Technic parts, and will require you to lay out your bricks on a flat, non-textured surface for the scanning process. Lastly, it will not necessarily work if you decide to scan bricks that is stored in a container.

Brickit App iOS iPhone Lego

For those wanting to try the app for themselves, it is available now and is free to download, but only for iPhone users for the time being. Android users will have to wait a while longer as Brickit is still in development for Google’s mobile platform. This version of the app will only see a launch sometime in fall of 2021, the developer noted on its official website.

As mentioned earlier, Brickit is entirely fan-made and is not affiliated with LEGO. Seeing the app’s amazing potential, it wouldn’t be surprising if the famed Danish toy maker decides to acquire it somewhere down the line.

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