Best Sports Game 2021 You'll Regret To Miss

The sports world is filled with many different sports games, each bringing their own specialties and challenges. From basketball to bowling, the sports world has a game for everyone and every interest. And while there are some sports that will never be popular in America (such as cricket), we’ve found the best sports games you should play if you want to get into sports gaming. Here's our list of the top sports games of 2021:

Sports Adventure Game - Basketball

If sports games are sports movies, then sports adventure games are sports novels through the gaming industry. These sports games put you at the center of an incredible story that takes your character from star high school student to superstar athlete signed with either their college or professional sports team. And while this genre isn’t as popular as other sports games, sports adventure games are here to stay. One which is worth mentioning is the NBA 2K21 series which has been phenomenal this year. 

Real Sports Game - Soccer

Popular in Europe and Latin America, soccer is starting to become a staple of sports gaming in America. And while it may not be as popular or predictable as American sports, sports games such as soccer and basketball are certainly changing the sports gaming community. And with EA's sports games such as FIFA and Pro Evolution Soccer, which have dominated this genre for years, it might be difficult to find their competitor anytime soon. 

Virtual Sports Game - Bowling

Have you ever played a sports game that was just simply fun? If you haven't tried bowling, then we suggest looking into sports games such as bowling. These sports games are simple, easy to learn, and extremely fun. And with sports like bowling and basketball becoming more popular in America, these sports will continue to grow as the years pass (and as studios release new sports games). And the most influential game for this genre will be PBA Pro bowling 2021

Fantasy Sports Game - Football

Football is currently America's favorite sports game. And while sports games such as soccer and basketball are gaining steam, football will continue to top sports game charts for years to come. From Madden NFL to NBA 2K, sports fans can enjoy both competitive sports gaming and fantasy sports in one sports game.

Traditional Sports Game - Golf

While sports games may not be golf's cup of tea, traditional sports games are still the sports game genre that sports fans have grown to love over the years. These sports games follow a simple sports gaming formula while providing sports gamers with an experience they won't find anywhere else. And sports fans can expect sports games such as golf to continue dominating the sports game charts in 2021.

Retro Sports Game - Hockey

When it comes to sports games, retro sports titles are known for delivering classic multiplayer gameplay that you simply haven't seen anywhere else (at least in sports gaming). And with sports games like Hockey taking gamers back to the sports games of yesterday, sports fans can expect more sports games such as Hockey to grace sports game charts in 2021.

Fantasy Retro Sports Game - Baseball

If sports games are sports novels and realistic sports games are sports documentaries, then fantasy retro sports games are sports biopics about an iconic athlete. These sports games put you at the center of sports history and let sports fans relive sports moments. And sports games such as Baseball are certainly worthy sports titles to play in 2021. One game you might want to check on this category is MLB The Show 21. 

And with that said, we're out of space, sports gamers. 

Sports in real life or in games are fun activities to indulge in. There are so many ways you can enjoy sports; play it in real life, play it in games, watch it on tv or the field, bet on it, and many more. Although the most popular ways to enjoy sports might be to watch it or bet on it. Watching sports on the field might have been a rare occasion during this hard time, but it doesn’t mean you can’t support your teams. You still can find excitement while supporting your team in sports betting. Sports betting has gained momentum lately, here we will help you to find more information on sports betting. But for some people, even betting on their favorite team and sport still can’t replace the joy playing sports games can bring. That’s why the sports games industry will only be growing and growing.  

The sports game industry is still very much alive and well in 2021, and sports gaming will continue to dominate popular games charts for years to come (and this article's writer can guarantee that).

What sports games are you playing this year? Let us know in the comments below!