Nintendo Switch PRO exists ... but is it called Super Switch? Denial

Nintendo Switch PRO exists ... but is it called Super Switch? Denial
Yesterday Nintendo announced a Monster Hunter Rise-themed Switch Limited Edition coming in late March and many are wondering if it is worth buying this model considering the possible arrival of the much rumored Nintendo Switch PRO.

Insider PH Brazil (whose reliability is actually unknown, although his name is often quoted by authoritative newspapers) makes it known that a revision of the Nintendo Switch actually exists but will not see the light before the next fiscal year .. .. also the name may surprise you, or at least arouse healthy curiosity in you.

The source refers to the new hardware as "Nintendo Super Switch" instead of the more common (however unofficial) nomenclatures Nintendo Switch PRO or Nintendo Switch 4K. Could the new console really be called Super Switch, in a sort of throwback in honor of the Super Nintendo?

Hard to say, it is true that Nintendo has not always had the right feeling with the names of its consoles. .. that Super Switch wants to leverage nostalgia, or simply show off the "superior" qualities of the new console right from the name? At the moment everything is silent from the Kyoto offices, we hope to be able to solve this mystery in the course of 2021.

Update - After the news went around the world, PH Brazil had to rectify on Twitter saying that he does not know the name of the console and that he hopes it will be called "Nintendo Super Switch", however it is only a personal desire.