How to activate the State Cashback in the IO app

How to activate the State Cashback in the IO app
Finally IO is ready for the first phase of the State Cashback, the experimental one called Christmas Extra Cashback, starting tomorrow (Tuesday 8 December) and destined to end on the last day of this year. We refer to our special for every detail on the operation. In this article, however, we would like to point out that from today it is possible to confirm your adhesion to the initiative.

IO and State Cashback: how to activate it

First of all you need to update the IO application, from Play Store or App Store depending on your smartphone. After this, a message like the one below is shown at startup.

A tap on "Let's get started" and you can immediately see the "News" label next to "Cashback".

Pressing on the item "Cashback" a summary of the procedures for obtaining the refund appears and selecting "Activate the Cashback" you are asked to accept the conditions of the initiative: to be of age, reside in Italy , activate the Cashback on payment methods in their possession and exclusively for personal purchases. It will then be possible to confirm with "I declare".

The next step involves entering the IBAN code relating to your current account to which the refund will then be paid.

Once the membership procedure is complete, the State Cashback is shown in the Portfolio section of IO. From there, at any time, it will be possible to decide to terminate your participation simply by pressing “Cancel your Cashback subscription”.

We refer those interested to the procedure for adding the ATM to the Wallet so that it can be used for payments on which to accrue the Cashback. is expected by the end of February 2021.

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