Destiny 2 Season 13: Sniper Rifle Nerf, Rocket Launcher Buff

Destiny 2 Season 13: Sniper Rifle Nerf, Rocket Launcher Buff
Season 13 of Desstiny 2 is fast approaching, and Bungie is taking advantage of these weeks that separate us from its beginning by gradually revealing all the innovations that will be introduced.

After talking to us about the retirement of 21 weapons legendary, the return of the rewards of the Dreaming City and the Moon, the extension of the contents of the Season of the Hunt throughout the year 4 and the reintroduction of the Shady Engrams, with the weekly of the house published yesterday January 28, Bungie first unveiled the arrival of the Season Challenges and then announced an intervention on the balancing of many archetypes of Destiny 2.

A first measure will be addressed only to PC players, who will see the value of the recoil for mouse and keyboard become more similar to that per controller. The difference will be decreased from approximately 40% to 20% for Auto Rifles, Scout Rifles, Pulse Rifles, SMGs, Hand Cannons, and Machine Guns. Added to that are balances for all players.

For starters, the damage of rocket launchers will be increased by 30%, while some exotic rocket launchers will be individually modified. Since fusion rifles are little used in the Crucible (shotguns are often preferred), Bungie has decided that it will increase the distance at which damage decay begins based on the range value (6% with range 0, 16 % at 100 range) and will reduce camera movement by 9.5% while shooting. Changes also for breech-load grenade launchers: their bullets will explode on impact with a character, even if the trigger is held down.

Sniper rifles, on the other hand, will be made slightly less effective by increasing staggering when aiming when hit by opponents. Additionally, the swords will see a 15% damage reduction: Bungie has noticed that they are overused in PvE battles, and this - along with the rocket launcher upgrade - should bring some balance.