GameStop, the golden moment continues: shares still up + 43%

GameStop, the golden moment continues: shares still up + 43%
The golden moment of GameStop Corporation continues: the company is benefiting from the "WallStreetBets" operation which numerous investors have launched on the reddit pages, and the shares of the well-known retailer have been continuing to grow impressively from a few days to this part.

After the share value of GameStop skyrocketed, recording a growth of 429% thanks to the financial operation of the Short Squeeze, in the past few hours a drop of 16% was recorded, probably due to even when WallStreetBets Discord chats are closed. However, with the opening of the WallStreetBetsNew channel, which has already attracted over 350,000 members, the stock has returned to + 43% in the premarket, bringing the value of a single share to almost $ 500.

The operation started on reddit, whose main purpose is to challenge bearish investors and raise the value of the shares excluding the short sellers of the title, has given GameStop a market value that currently exceeds 24 billion dollars, with the 43% percentage increase which meant that the videogame retailer added 10 billion dollars to the overall calculation.

GameStop had already embarked on a positive path with the arrival of the new management and thanks to the Christmas period, but the latest events are leading to disproportionate growth for the company. It remains to be seen how the situation will evolve in the coming days in a context as volatile as that of the stock market.

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