Meet: admin can prevent wallpaper changing

Meet: admin can prevent wallpaper changing
For the past few months, Google Meet has been allowing you to change the background (dedicated article) during meetings and video calls so as to hide what is behind you. You can do this by choosing one of the predefined images made available by the service or by uploading your own, customized one. From today, admins will be able to prevent this.

Google Meet: wallpaper change prohibited by admins

This thanks to a new feature reserved for them and announced on the official blog pages. The rollout has kicked off, but it may take up to 15 days for it to appear. You can intervene from the administration console. It should be noted that by selecting "Off" the possibility of replacing the background with an image is removed, but not that of applying a blur to it so as not to make visible who or what is in the same environment.

As administrator you can check if users in your organization can replace the background in their video postings on Google Meet. Warning: the setting applies to all participants.

This is just the latest of the new features introduced by Google for Meet: recently the service has been enriched with the possibility of hiding notifications when you enable sharing of the whole screen, of the Troubleshooting and help section, of new tools to use during the meeting creation phase and of advanced reports on meeting participants.

Source: Google Workspace Updates