Teams will use less CPU and RAM: Microsoft at work

Teams will use less CPU and RAM: Microsoft at work
Without doubt among the best services available for remote communication at the time of smart working, Teams certainly cannot be considered a “light” software, especially if run on not too recent computers. Microsoft is aware of this and now announces that it is working to resolve or at least improve the situation.

Microsoft Teams will be lighter for CPU and RAM

The confirmation comes from the official forum prepared by Redmond group to interact with users and collect their feedback. There is talk of work in progress to intervene on the use of hardware resources such as the CPU and RAM, put under pressure on older desktop PCs or laptops. The reports "High Memory / RAM Usage" (with 1,404 votes) and "Poor performance on macOS" (1,618 votes) "Poor performance on Windows" (964 votes) have all been taken over and now they are accompanied by a well-wishing green label “Working on it” (translated “We are working on it”).

That of the software house is a declaration of intent to which Microsoft will now have to follow. It will do so with the release of updates for Teams, but at the moment it is not known with what timing.

Staying on the subject, in recent days the mobile applications of the service have received updates with some news that are of interest to example the management of audio calls on Android and the user interface on iOS.

Source: Microsoft Teams User Feedback Forum