iPhone 11, the price drops: here is the new offer

iPhone 11, the price drops: here is the new offer
As is known, the iPhone is the smartphone that, by far, is best able to retain its value even with the release of the next version. The success of the iPhone 12, however, is bringing new pressures on the price of the previous generation, which sees its price drop further thanks to the offer that PC Distribution makes available on eBay: only 619.99 euros for an iPhone 11 in the 64GB version.

iPhone 11, the price drops again

The availability of the various colors and the various memory cuts depends on the demand that the offer is gathering, so it is necessary to evaluate on the spot what options are available.

At the price of 679.99 euros it is possible to choose the 128GB model, also in this case marrying an excellent discount compared to the price at which the smartphone Cupertino can be found at other stores. At the moment in which we publish the 256GB memory cuts are no longer available, while on the 64 and 128GB cuts only some color shades are available.

The low cost has clearly attracted those interested in the iPhone 11 generation still fully valid for both private and professional use, but stocks will gradually run out. The merchant enjoys 100% feedback and shipping is immediate and free.