PS5: there are those who have received a Standard instead of a Digital

PS5: there are those who have received a Standard instead of a Digital
PS5 officially made its debut in various countries on November 12th. While we European users look forward to November 19th to finally get their hands on the next-gen Sony, several foreign users have reported that they have received the version with the player instead of the Digital Edition they pre-ordered ... without paying the additional $ 100. required for the purchase of the version that also allows you to take advantage of physical titles.

The bizarre luck is even more curious by observing the various images of the users published on Twitter: in fact the console with the player is inserted inside of the black packaging, distinctive color of the box containing the Digital Edition. In short, a fortune for many users, but it could also represent a nuisance for those who had chosen the Digital Edition for the harmony of the shapes. But it's also true that they got a player-equipped console for $ 399!

Lucky users are unlikely to decide to return their console to get the Digital Edition, especially given the small number of units made available with the Sony flagship sold-out from all sides. On the other hand, there is no difference between the two versions from a performance point of view. It would therefore mean having to wait a substantial amount of time before the delivery of the right unit booked. Definitely not recommended.

The next-gen is now here and PlayStation 5, amidst bizarre fortunes and positive reviews, continues to be discussed positively: it seems that the console is definitely on par with its Microsoft rival, at least with Assassin's Creed Valhalla. In addition, Sony seems to be ready to acquire Bluepoint Games, developers of Demon's Souls Remake, to ensure the exclusivity on the future works of the exceptional development team.

You are among the lucky ones who managed to pre-order the new Sony console ? Which version did you choose? Argue in the comments!

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