Call of Duty Warzone: the Stim glitch is back, again

Call of Duty Warzone: the Stim glitch is back, again
Here we go again, some users have discovered another annoying glitch in Call of Duty Warzone. A bad dream for Activision and Infinity Ward who find themselves constantly challenged for these continuing problems as well as the inclusion of skins that ruin the games. The problem in question concerns the Stim, the special device that is used when you are inside the toxic cloud. The problem allows us to heal ourselves indefinitely, making our alter ego immortal to gas by destroying the idea of ​​battle royale.

It is not yet clear how it is used, some users have posted a test video but actually not you understand a lot. At a certain point, the user throws a grenade at a wall and then catches it on the fly. After that he switches to night vision and starts running. In this case it can be seen that the Stim are practically infinite and the player on duty begins to use them taking advantage of a huge advantage, probably bringing him to victory.

It is not clear, however, how it actually works, some users have posted the video and later posted on Reddit. Needless to say, fans have once again lashed out at the developers as this glitch had occurred several weeks ago (promptly eliminated) and now reappeared as if nothing had happened. As usual, we are confident that the team can fix the problem. However, it must be said that Call of Duty Warzone seriously needs a constant update that can at least eliminate most of these annoying problems.

Found out the stim glitch is back by spectating a hacker… from CODWarzone

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