God of War: video shows the perfect replica of Kratos' ax

God of War: video shows the perfect replica of Kratos' ax
Who wouldn't want to own Kratos' ax, the Leviathan, which appeared in God of War (PS4)? It is an aesthetically very beautiful weapon and the whole story it witnesses has thrilled the fans. Normal gamers, however, certainly do not have the ability to recreate it: luckily there are those who can do it for us. Adam Savage, former host of Mythbusters, created the weapon and, above all, did it in just one day: he then recorded his work and shared it all in a video on YouTube.

If you are unfamiliar with the weapon, you should know that it was created by the dwarves Sindri and Brok and was owned by Kratos' second wife. This is the main weapon of the game and is equipped with freezing powers: of course, Adam Savage's replica is not magical (as far as we know!).

Savage recreated the God of War ax so he could give it to his grandson as a birthday present. The movie is very long, but thanks to the precise editing it is interesting to follow. The end result is remarkable, we have to admit.

We already know that the adventures of Kratos will continue with a new chapter that will arrive, for sure, on PS5. For now, however, we have no idea what the official name is (everyone calls the game Ragnarok) and we don't know anything about the contents. The release date is expected to be 2021, but we're not sure Santa Monica Studios can really make it this year.

Finally, according to new information, a new game is coming from Santa Monica, not just God of War in progress.