This new mini PC from Stealth also works in the rain

This new mini PC from Stealth also works in the rain
Stealth unveiled its new waterproof mini PC with an IP67 water resistance rating: WPC-905. The unit is designed to be used as an IoT device, server or workstation in harsh environmental conditions and its starting price has been set at $ 3,195. water, including the rear connectivity section. You can equip your WPC-905 with a low power 8th generation Intel “UE” processor, a single 8, 16 or 32GB DDR4 RAM module and up to 2TB SSD. Obviously, bear in mind that the price will increase accordingly by adding more RAM or storage memory than the base model.

To ensure full waterproofing, the unit has rear ports suitable for achieving this result , among which we find a DVI-D video output, the input for the power supply, one RS-232 serial, two USB 2.0 and two Ethernet. Each port is connected to the PC via an M12 connector, which requires custom cables and adapters if you want to connect peripherals, monitors or other devices to the WPC-905. The cost of Stealth WPC-905 may seem quite high given the technical characteristics. However, if you need a machine that can perform well in difficult conditions and perform very important jobs, its purchase may be worth it.

A couple of days ago we also told you about the new mini PC in UCFF format (ultra-compact form factor) made by ASRock that guarantees excellent performance thanks to the use of AMD's Ryzen desktop APU. It is the successor to the previous Mars 4000U and aims to provide a complete desktop experience in a very small space.

Are you looking for a good motherboard to pair with the latest Ryzen processors? Asrock X570 Taichi is available on Amazon at an attractive price.

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