Call of Duty Warzone: the infinite stim glitch is back, save who can

Call of Duty Warzone: the infinite stim glitch is back, save who can
We were hoping not to have to write it again, but: Call of Duty Warzone again includes a glitch for the infinite stimuli, which repeatedly plagued Activision's battle royale. Stims allow players to heal themselves and, having an infinite number of them, it is possible to jump into poison gas without dying, to wait for the opponents to die and the victory is awarded. How does the new glitch work?

As shown in a video shared on Reddit, which you can also see below, the new method is not very clear, but it certainly works. As shown, it is possible to throw a grenade at a wall, immediately pick it up, switch to night vision, and then launch into the fog with infinite stim. It cannot be said that it is very easy to replicate, as night vision cannot be used in any mode of Call of Duty Warzone.

The footage was shared by some players who were watching an opponent in mode. viewer, it is therefore unclear what the exact process is and whether any cheats are involved.

However, this is just one of the many glitches and bugs in Call of Duty Warzone. Over the months we have seen several abuses of stim cures, but also various methods of becoming invisible. Finally, let us not forget that some weapons have long been criticized for their excessive power. Unfortunately evolving a battle royale is not easy at all.

Of course, eSporters want better anti-cheat, tournaments are unplayable in their opinion.

Found out the stim glitch is back by spectating a hacker ... from r / CODWarzone