The mini UPS on flash offer

The mini UPS on flash offer
In the event of a blackout, you risk being disconnected from everything and everyone: a luxury that you cannot afford, especially now that you work from home in smart working and study using the methods of distance learning. An uninterruptible power supply can therefore be useful, but not only for the computer, also for devices such as routers and phones. The Mini UPS unit of the Shanqiu brand now proposed in a flash offer on Amazon with a 15% discount on the list price is just for this.

Mini UPS and powerbank together: flash offer on Amazon

It has a capacity of 8,800 mAh sufficient to keep the appliances operational until the problem is solved or in any case the time necessary to shut them down properly avoiding damage. It also has a USB port so it can be used as a normal powerbank for charging smartphones or other devices. We invite you to consult the card for other technical details.

All this at the price of 35.69 euros instead of 41.99 euros as per the price list. Interested parties do not waste time: the flash offer proposed today by Amazon is only valid for a few hours and until the units in promotion are exhausted.

Source: Amazon