Corsair recalls some power supplies - here's what

Corsair recalls some power supplies - here's what
If you have purchased a Corsair HX1200 or HX1200i series power supply, the company asks you to contact them so they can make a replacement of the item. No details were provided on what is the defect affecting the offending units (actually belonging only to a small batch), in addition to the fact that the power supply would prevent the system from booting. So there were no explosions, nor any above-average amount of radiation (the geiger counter in this one is not that of the engineer Dyatlov, so you can rest assuredly).

No damage to the hardware then, but Corsair takes great care that all defective power supplies are replaced to avoid inconvenience and negative experiences for its customers. Even the dealers who find the units belonging to the lot in question have already been notified, in order to get them off the shelves only to return to the manufacturing site.

The units to be replaced belong to lots 2030XXXX and 2041XXXX, or those sold after July 20, 2020. If by any chance you notice that your power supply has one of these two identification codes, simply fill out this form to send the replacement request directly to Corsair.

However, remember that we are talking about a high-end power supply for high-performance PCs where reliability is essential. High reliability also due to the exclusive choice of Japanese capacitors with 105 ° C rating. In addition we have an 80 Plus Platinum efficiency certification and a Zero RPM fan, which stays inactive when not needed. Virtually invisible. It can be used both in "single" mode, in which all the power of the +12 V line is sent to any connector, or in "multiple" mode, in which an overcurrent protection is activated on each connector, so as not to send more than 40 A on any cable.

While waiting for Corsair to resolve the problem, we recommend this Deepcool power supply currently on offer on Amazon!