The Flash - DC announces the new creative team

The Flash - DC announces the new creative team
Late yesterday afternoon DC announced the new creative team of The Flash, the regular series of the Scarlet Sprinter. Starting with The Flash # 768, scheduled for March in the United States, the reins of the title will be taken by Jeremy Adams (Supernatural, Justice League Action, DC Future State: Black Adam and DC Future State: Black Racer) and by the designer Brandon Peterson (DC Future State: The Flash, Superman, Shazam!).

The Flash, the details of the relaunch

Here are the words of the new writer Jeremy Adams:

There have always been discussions about who would win in a race between Wally and Barry… well let's say that our new adventure will start from this question! I tried to instill all my enthusiasm in this story that explores the wilder sci-fi elements that have always animated the character's series. Now it's your turn to run to the comic store!

The official DC press release confirms that in The Flash # 768 we will find Wally West determined to hang up his costume. After the events of DC Universe: Rebirth, those of Heroes in Crisis and finally Dark Nights: Death Metal, Wally chose the family over the connection with the Force of Speed. But Barry Allen does not seem to agree with this decision and the two will have to confront what happened but not only.

Wally is the only person Oliver Queen has not spoken to since the death of Roy Harper aka Arsenal in Heroes in Crisis and now Green Arrow is the leader of the renewed Justice League. Wally's redemption goes through Barry Allen, Oliver Queen and starts from The Flash # 768

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The relaunch after DC Future State

The new creative team of The Flash is only the latest in order of time announced by DC for the post-DC Future State, the event that will monopolize the newspapers in January and February 2021.

Here's a quick rundown:

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