Record auction for Detective Comics # 27, Batman's debut

Record auction for Detective Comics # 27, Batman's debut
Heritage Auctions reports that they sold a new copy of Detective Comics # 27, the debut book of Batman last week. Nothing new given the historical value of the register and the collectors' market which has always been greedy except that the sale has set a new record.

Detective Comics # 27, new record for Batman

The auction house has in fact confirmed that it has sold this copy of Detective Comics # 27 for 1.5 million dollars!

The copy evaluated with a 7.0 round by the CGC, the most important American company dedicated to the evaluation and restoration of collectible comics, records the absolute record: the previous copy of the same register, evaluated among other things 8.0, had in fact been sold for only 1.075 million dollars in 2010.

The price jump in the sale demonstrates how much the character, and his historical origins, are still highly sought after among collectors, also in anticipation of the relaunch cinematic of the character.

Heritage Auctions Vice President Barry Sandoval said:

I'm not surprised by the record sale. It was a copy in good condition, one of the best we've seen and one of the most important comics ever released.

The auction house had presented the copy for sale, underlining the brilliance of the yellow of the cover and the almost perfect edges. Few copies of other comics of the time as well as other copies of the same book sold previously looked so good. The peculiarity is also the excellent state of conservation of the back cover, moreover the copy has always been read a few times and kept fairly well, not showing typical signs of reading. Furthermore, there are no signs, writings or stamps neither internally nor externally a rarity for comics from the 1939 newsstands.

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Detective Comics # 27, how many copies exist in the world?

As mentioned in Detective Comics # 27 Batman makes his debut and according to the CGC they currently exist in the world, that is, they have been registered, only 7 original unrestored copies of the register including the two sold at auction.

To give a proportion of the record, just think that in 1939 you could have bought a copy of Detective Comics # 27 in an American newsstand for only 10 cents. Calculating inflation from 1939 to 2020 it would be just $ 1.87 (still less than the cost of current comics in the US).

Also while setting a new all-time record for a Batman comic, the most expensive comic ever sold remains the CGC-rated 9.0 copy of Action Comics # 1 sold on ebay in 2014 for $ 3.2 million ... this is obviously Superman's first appearance.

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