Apple, Amazon and Tesla, forced labor charges for one of their suppliers

Apple, Amazon and Tesla, forced labor charges for one of their suppliers
Apple, Amazon and Tesla are at the center of strong controversy over the use of a supplier, Lens Technology, accused of forced labor. The discovery was made by the Washington Post in collaboration with the Tech Transparency Project and paints a gloomy picture for the three multinationals.

According to the findings, the Chinese company Lens Technology would exploit the work of the Uyghur minority, an Islamic ethnic group living in Xinjiang, a region in northwestern China, persecuted by the Beijing regime.

Katie Paul, the director of Tech Transparency, pointed out how much of the information found was freely accessible online. So Apple would be lying when it claims it monitors its supply chain very carefully.

Apple has replied that there are no Uighur workers at Lens Technology and that there has been no relocation recently, without specifying whether it is among the monitored suppliers. The Cupertino house, in the words of Josh Rosenstock, stated that it has zero tolerance for forced labor: "The search for the presence of forced labor is part of every supplier assessment we conduct, including surprise checks. These protections apply. to the entire supply chain, regardless of the type of job and location. Any violation of our policies has immediate consequences, including the possible cessation of business. "

Unfortunately, this is not the first time Apple she is accused of exploiting forced labor or, at least, of running into it. In July he denied similar accusations by the humanitarian association ASPI, while at the beginning of December he cut off relations with O-Film precisely because of forced labor problems. That the problem is to turn to companies located in an area where there is a very high tolerance towards certain practices?