Nintendo Switch: These games are new in week KW53 + highlights and sale

Nintendo Switch: These games are new in week KW53 + highlights and sale
Also in the last week of this year there are numerous releases for the Nintendo Switch on the program. As usual, we present you here a suitable overview with all publications in the Nintendo eShop, which include remakes, AAA titles, ports, indies, remasters, exclusive games and much more. These titles come from a wide variety of developers, indies and publishers. and Nintendo regularly releases new games for the Switch. Most of the publications are available for download as digital versions, only a few are also available as disc versions.

There are also some demos available for download from time to time, and we can be found at the sale always some exciting bargains. The new releases, a link to all offers in the eShop and the most exciting deals can be found below.

New every Wednesday: The Nintendo podcast!

You can find the latest episode of our weekly podcast on Nintendo here: The Nintendo Podcast! Lukas, Katha and Johannes always speak at 3 p.m. on Wednesdays - with varying cast - about the latest and most exciting topics from the Nintendo world and much, much more! The Nintendo podcast appears anywhere you can listen to podcasts, for example on Spotify, Apple Podcasts and YouTube. Episode # 124 is all about the jump & run classic Donkey Kong Country, which was released in 1994 for Super Nintendo (SNES).

New games for the Nintendo Switch in week 53

DEEMO -Reborn- (21.00 euros) Wingspan (17.99 euros) Quell Reflect (1.74 euros) Professor Lupo: Ocean (3.99 euros) Lily of the Hollow - Resurrection (4.79 euros) Pixel Game Maker Series DUNGEON OF NAZARICK (11.99 euros) Cube Raiders (3.89 euros) VIRUS: The Outbreak (8.99 euros) The Innsmouth Case (9.74 euros) Hell Sports (16.99 euros) Comic Coloring Book (0.00 euros) Void Source (5.49 euros)

Highlights from the current switch sale in week 53

Just Dance 2021 (39.59 instead of 59.99 euros) Overcooked! 2 (12.49 instead of 24.99 euros) Ni no Kuni: The Curse of the White Queen (14.99 instead of 59.99 euros) Streets of Rage 4 (17.49 instead of 24.99 euros) Cuphead (13.99 instead of 19.99 euros) Resident Evil 4 (14.99 instead of 19.99 euros) Enter the Gungeon (7.49 instead of 14.99 euros) Here you can find an overview of all the games currently on sale from the Switch eShop!

Source: Nintendo eShop

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