Games industry 2020: 91 percent of sales were digital

Games industry 2020: 91 percent of sales were digital
As the last few days of this year drag on, more and more reviews and similar reports are surfacing on the internet. This is also the case with the industry magazine, which takes a closer look at sales in the gaming segment over the past twelve months - and presents some interesting figures.

According to this, the gaming industry has sales in the course of this year of $ 174.9 billion. Last year it was $ 148.8 billion, which means decent growth. Much more interesting, however, is the fact that 158 ​​billion dollars of sales were achieved digitally - that is 91 percent and thus by far the largest part. 128.6 billion dollars of this is accounted for by income from in-game purchases and similar microtransactions, so that "only" 29.4 billion dollars are accounted for by the sale of games the mobile sector accounts for the largest part of the revenue pie with 49 percent - last year it was 46 percent. The console market follows in second place with 29 percent, the PC segment in third place with 22 percent. Unfortunately, there is no more precise breakdown of the consoles, so we cannot say which platform is ahead there.

The renewed increase in sales in the digital sector this year is likely to be due, among other things, to the Corona- Pandemic and the associated effects or restrictions. Due to curfews and similar measures around the world, numerous people were forced not to leave their own four walls for some time and have therefore probably increasingly bought on online platforms.


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