ME: last two days to get the Holiday Bonus

ME: last two days to get the Holiday Bonus
Tomorrow, Thursday 31 December 2020, will be the last day to apply for and obtain the Holiday Bonus. How? Through the IO. For the complete procedure, please refer to the short guide published on these pages in recent months.

Holiday Bonus: there is time until tomorrow to ask for it

Assigned to households with a maximum ISEE of 40,000 euro, can reach up to 500 euro for families of three or more people. All the answers to frequently asked questions can be found in the official FAQ.

After submitting the request and receiving a positive result, simply press "Activate the Bonus" and wait for the notification to appear from IO : a matter of moments.

The citizen will then have until June 30, 2021 to spend the contribution at one of the facilities that accept it.

It will be sufficient to show the hotelier the code associated with the Holiday Bonus received when paying for the facility. We remind you that it is possible to share it with a member of your family.

A partial list of the accommodation facilities that accept the contribution as a payment method can be consulted on the pages of the site.

Holiday Bonuses: the resources assigned

The official IO portal keeps track of the Holiday Bonuses requested, those activated and used. To date, 1,867,178 have been generated for an economic value quantified in 821,586,150 euros. Below is the graph showing the supply over time, from the beginning of July to today.

A peak can be seen on 8 December. It is not at all casual: in those hours the experimental phase of the State Cashback began, not without some difficulties. Many, having found themselves faced with the possibility of obtaining the contribution for the first time in the IO application, have applied for it.

Source: IO