The Nintendo Podcast # 124: Donkey Kong Country - Retro

The Nintendo Podcast # 124: Donkey Kong Country - Retro

Table of Contents

1 Summary: You will hear that in the new episode! 2 Hear the new episode right here! 3 All topics of the 124th episode - timecodes 4 All information about The Nintendo Podcast

Summary: You will hear that in the new episode!

You don't have to miss out on a brand new episode of The Nintendo Podcast on New Year's Eve either! This time it's about an absolute Super Nintendo classic from Rare, namely Donkey Kong Country from 1994 - or about the whole county and country series from the 90s! In the new podcast we talk about the development history, the game world, the story, the gameplay, the technology, new editions, sequels, little-known fun facts and much, much more.

The new episode hear right here!

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All topics of the 124th episode - Timecodes

03:30 - Information & development history

12:30 - Gameplay

20:20 - Game world

23:10 - All games in detail + Stories

50:40 - Success & Reception

52:40 - Trivia & Fun Facts

All information about The Nintendo Podcast

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