Holiday Bonus: last day, watch out for scams

Holiday Bonus: last day, watch out for scams
The deadline for requesting and obtaining the Holiday Bonus expires today, up to 500 euros recognized for each family unit and which can be spent by June 2021 at hotels throughout Italy. We refer to an article yesterday for the procedure to follow. Here we report instead a warning issued by the Inland Revenue regarding two scams that are circulating on social networks and on the Internet.

Two scams related to the Holiday Bonus: attention

The first is the one that offers citizens the possibility of converting the requested contribution into money through the IO application. Obviously this is a scam, it is not allowed to do so. Better to stay away from them and, if possible, report the responsible accounts.

It has recently emerged the presence, on some social networks including Instagram, of accounts that offer the possibility of converting holiday bonuses into cash that citizens have activated through the App IO, but not yet used for a tourist stay.

There are also those who have come across posts and banners with tourist offers that are a little too advantageous, destined to disappear without leaving any trace after obtaining the unique code associated with the voucher.

Some citizens have also reported accounts or banners that advertise particularly convenient tourist offers and that, once they have obtained the citizen's tax code and the unique code (or QR code) of the Holiday Bonus, are closed and "disappear" from the Web. In reality, these are real scams against citizens, whose bonus is "burned" and

can no longer be used nor regenerates in any way.

#BonusVacanze, beware of #scams

There are messages circulating on #socials that offer the possibility of converting bonuses into money

The Revenue Agency is completely unrelated to such initiatives

Please observe some rules standard @PagoPA @_MiBACT

- Agenzia Entrate (@Aenzia_Entrate) December 30, 2020

Revenue Agency, Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities and PagoPA have already started the necessary checks, inviting citizens to be extremely cautious.

... the bonus and other data must be communicated to the tourist service provider only upon actual payment of the amount due for the holiday. In fact, the family member who intends to benefit from the bonus must communicate to the supplier the unique code (or show the QR code), together with his tax code, which will be shown on the invoice or commercial document issued against payment.