PS Plus: Sony reimburses those who bought Maneater on PS5

PS Plus: Sony reimburses those who bought Maneater on PS5
Just yesterday Sony revealed what games will be redeemable on the PS Plus for the month of January 2021. Without too much surprise, we have found that by now the trend will be to give away a couple of games for PlayStation 4 owners, and an extra game for all those who have already decided to enter the next-gen PlayStation. After yesterday's announcement, many players are reporting that they have received an unexpected refund from Sony.

Sony's game of the month for PlayStation 5 players will be Maneater, the open world RPG in which players will have to impersonate a shark. Now, several players have reported on Reddit that they received a refund from Sony for purchasing Maneater before the title was made available for free on the PS Plus subscription. A decidedly surprising move that no one expected.

As you can read from the post of a shared user on Reddit, the Japanese company wanted to declare the following to PS Plus subscribers: “As a PlayStation Plus subscriber, we will refund the purchase price of this product (Maneater ed. ) on the PlayStation Store wallet, as it is a game in the PlayStation Plus monthly collection. This will not affect your ability to play the title as we have not removed the game from your library. "

Once the player cancels his subscription to the PS Plus service, he will still have the possibility to continue playing Maneater without having to renew his subscription, since the title in question will remain forever within the digital library. What do you think of this move carried out by Sony? Tell us yours with a comment.

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