Tesla close to half a million cars in 2020: Musk asks for a last effort

Tesla close to half a million cars in 2020: Musk asks for a last effort
The famous American brand Tesla is about to close an incredible year where it has seen its share value soar by more than 700%, bringing the valuation of the company to over 600 billion dollars and inclusion in the prestigious S&P 500 index.

The success is to be attributed to the increasingly constant media pressure around ecology and sustainable mobility which, together with stringent new laws in the coming years, tip the balance in favor of an increasingly green dominated future from electric cars; at the head of this sector that becomes more populated every day, reigns undisputed Elon Musk who has focused on the EV sector for over 10 years.

A few days after the end of the year, Musk sent an email to his employees asking them to make one last major effort to meet the ambitious pre-pandemic target of 500,000 delivered vehicles; against all odds, Covid-19 does not seem to have slowed down the production of the Californian giant which has managed to deliver record numbers of cars in every quarter so far.

The email shows how very little is missing to reach the finish line and therefore attention and care is required in the assembly to avoid slowing down the assembly line. Elon points out that, although there is little time left for the end of the quarter, it is necessary to maintain a high and level construction standard for all vehicles in production.

To be able to reach or even exceed the set target, Tesla will have to deliver 181,000 vehicles in this last quarter, about 40,000 more than those delivered in the past quarter. The production of such a high volume of vehicles has always been defined as impossible for the Californian brand by numerous analysts, however it seems that the audacious South African CEO has not given up and managed to exceed all expectations.

Rumors have recently emerged of possible expansions in India in the coming years and in the meantime the recent Gigafactory in Shanghai is at work, producing vehicles to be exported also to the United States to meet the demand for Model 3 and Model Y which is now skyrocketing; the plans for the Berlin Gigafactory are continuing, albeit with some setbacks, but there are no delays on the schedule.