Cashback, the last transactions of the first phase

Cashback, the last transactions of the first phase
Even less than 48 euros and with 2020 the first phase of the State Cashback will also end, the one called Christmas Extra Cashback. However, several days will pass before all valid transactions carried out by citizens to accrue the refund (up to 150 euros) can be viewed within the IO application.

Christmas Extra Cashback, the count of the latest expenses

To remember this is the official Twitter profile of the app, underlining that "within ten days", therefore at the latest by 10 January, the definitive calculation will appear in the form dedicated to the initiative (at inside the Wallet section).

On #IOapp, by clicking on the #Cashback card, you will see within 10 days from the end of the period the definitive calculation of the valid transactions and the accumulated refund.

How it works


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We refer to a short video tutorial that summarizes how Cashback works.

From Friday 1 January 2021 the second phase will start, the first of the three with a half-yearly duration until June 2022. Then at least 50 valid transactions will be needed to accrue and receive the reimbursement, always with a maximum value of 150 euros (10% on each individual expense, up to 15 euros for each transaction). Payments made in the first days of the new year will therefore be associated with this period, even if those made before midnight on 31 December will not yet be shown in the IO application.

The refund will then be sent within 60 days (therefore before the end of February) to the current account indicated by the citizen when registering. In this regard, it is good to check by tomorrow that you have entered the IBAN correctly, otherwise the risk is to lose the right to receive the money.