Games of the year: Cyberpunk 2077

Games of the year: Cyberpunk 2077
Going back to talking about Cyberpunk 2077, several weeks after its launch and after all that has happened in this time frame, is a dangerous exercise to say the least.

Because the long wave of controversy, the one that still lashes out on the entire development team but also on those who dare even to appreciate the qualities of the action RPG developed by CD Projekt Red, so that every merit, every virtue of the game is wiped out.

For heaven's sake, the work experiences very strong contradictions and manages to be an absolutely totalizing but also dramatically extraneous experience at the same instant. I have no intention of justifying what happened with the old gen versions of Cyberpunk 2077, an issue that also and above all involves the certification processes of Sony and Microsoft and which should be covered in a dedicated article.

Watch on YouTube. But if the purpose of this collection is to provide you with a subjective story that talks about that particular software, that mass of strings of code that over the course of 2020 was able to tear us away from our everyday life to throw us into an unexplored and free universe, then I can safely say that Cyberpunk 2077 was my personal game of the year.

As I wrote in my review, its extraordinary nature is hard to convey. It reveals itself, almost like an epiphany, when Night City begins to enter you, when you begin to recognize its thousand faces, noises and colors. The metropolis is an entity that envelops and consumes you, and is dotted with a handful of characters who will enter the collective videogame imagination by right, unless they have already done so.

The artistic dimension of the work is overwhelming but, despite this, what kept me glued to the game for over 150 hours was its ability to offer always new gameplay ideas. With 12 skill trees and more than 200 perks, each build is different from the previous one.

Night City is not just a scenography, but the soul of Cyberpunk 2077. Maybe that's why, deaf to all the clamor that has been unleashed in recent weeks, I'm about to start the third run of Cyberpunk 2077. And with a little luck, who knows, this time I'll even be able to unlock the secret ending ...