Xbox Game Pass x Ubisoft +, acquisition of SEGA and more: Microsoft shrouded in rumors

Xbox Game Pass x Ubisoft +, acquisition of SEGA and more: Microsoft shrouded in rumors
There are just a few days left to the start of the new year and already 2021 seems destined to inherit a huge load of expectations from the videogame community.

To stir up the public - sometimes wrongly, sometimes rightly - are often rumors and indiscretions, the truthfulness of which is nevertheless never easy to verify. Recently, there have been numerous rumors in particular related to the alleged activities at Microsoft. To summarize the main ones we thought of XboxWorlds, which returns to recall rumors that have held the bench intermittently over the last few months and that do not seem to see their diffusion stop.

Among these, obviously the hypothesis of an acquisition of SEGA by Microsoft, an indiscretion that made its way following the surprise announcement of the acquisition of the Zenimax group by the Redmond giant. But not only that: Microsoft would have even already purchased two additional teams, one of which is large and the other smaller. An expansion of xCloud to numerous new markets, as well as to iOS and Samsung SmartTV systems, is also expected. On the service front, there are also rumors related to Xbox Game Pass, with rumors that Ubisoft would like to imitate EA and start a partnership between the verdecrociato subscription service and Ubisoft +. The possibility of a merger between Xbox Live Gold and Xbox Game Pass is also back in vogue.

Individual development teams are also involved in online discussions. As for InXile, for example, there are rumors of an AAA RPG with a steampunk atmosphere, whose budget would be second only to that allocated for Halo: Infinite. For Obsidian, there is even talk of 6 projects in progress, at different stages of the development process. Among the games destined to arrive exclusively on Xbox consoles in 2021 would also include Wolfenstein 3, Starfield and Forza Horizon 5. Outside of the Xbox Game Studios teams, Microsoft would also secure the publishing rights for "a big, unannounced AAA surprise."

Of course, please remember that we are talking about unconfirmed rumors, which in no way represent official information: they could therefore prove to be completely or partially incorrect.