Games of the Year: Animal Crossing New Horizons

Games of the Year: Animal Crossing New Horizons
This 2020 was particularly rich from a videogame point of view. Some titles were filled with puzzles, thrilling stories or decisions to make; others, on the other hand, simply allowed me to re-evaluate the importance of simplicity. Between fantasy worlds and post-apocalyptic realities, I also spent several hours on a desert island with crystalline colors.

Well, in these months so troubled and tried by the pandemic, Animal Crossing: New Horizons has played a role basic. I think it is among the best games of this year because, unknowingly, it has taken by the hand anyone who needs a virtual escape from an almost claustrophobic reality.

It doesn't matter that it may seem like a child's game, because it is capable of to rediscover the importance of simplicity, how to take care of your island or help the inhabitants to reconcile after a fight: the small playful gestures have turned into a symbolic breath of fresh air.

Pure simplicity marries a graphic sector with really pleasant colors. Animal Crossing, like many other titles, also made us feel a little closer, shaping the suffocating distance into a sweet virtual encounter. In this way, in fact, I was able to spend pleasant moments with the people dear to me who, like everyone, are unfortunately forced to stay in their homes.

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The emotional relationship with the pandemic is among the main reasons for this editorial choice but, in addition to having a calming effect in general, Animal Crossing is still a constantly updated title. From a technical point of view, the game has countless activities to play, events to try and decorations to customize. It is a very well supported game that, without any pretense, has brought young and old together, eliminating all kinds of social distinctions.

In short, Animal Crossing: New Horizons has worked on my insecurities and shaped them with extreme sweetness, making me leave with more determination. It is a personal and intimate choice but I am convinced that I am not the only one to share these emotions. Those who have read my articles have probably understood how important the psychological aspect in video games is for me. Animal Crossing is that tender virtual embrace that does not defeat the frailties of others, but welcomes them with love when needed.

I would like to take advantage of this article to get to know your point of view: how important are video games from the emotional side? And above all, how did they help you during the pandemic?