Boston Dynamics robots dance for 2021

Boston Dynamics robots dance for 2021
One of the theories circulated regarding the choice to sell Boston Dynamics made by Google in 2017 (the company passed first to Softbank and then to Hyundai) is that linked to the appearance of the developed robots: in particular Atlas, with its anthropomorphic structure, it may have raised some doubts about the reception given to this type of technology by the general public accustomed to seeing hostile automatons in science fiction films. And to think that in addition to doing parkour he also knows how to dance: in the video below the choreography that sees him engaged with the Spot and Handle units always developed by the group.

The robotic wishes of Boston Dynamics

On the notes of the song "Do You Love Me?" of the Contours, already in the soundtrack of the film Dirty Dancing, sensors and actuators are managed without smudging and keeping the rhythm, with a lot of twist and something very similar to the Karate Kid Crane Technique. Enjoy it.

Boston Dynamics' ultimate goal is certainly not to create units to be exhibited on tour on stages or in streaming videos. Atlas, Spot and Handle (along with Pick, which however has less freedom of movement) are primarily intended for the industrial environment and for interventions in emergency situations, and are however adaptable by third parties to specific applications.

In any case, the fears of Google and the parent company Alphabet do not seem completely unjustified, at least according to what we read in these hours on social networks: many are considering robots and especially their ability to replicate rather disturbing human movements. A possible food for thought to address an important aspect related to the intersection between automation and artificial intelligence, how to manage innovation so that things do not get out of hand.

Source: Boston Dynamics on YouTube