PS5: 3.4 million consoles sold in the first month, a record in Sony history?

PS5: 3.4 million consoles sold in the first month, a record in Sony history?
PS5 may have sold 3.4 million consoles in the first month of launch, making it the star of a record for PlayStation history in terms of sales, with a spread never before achieved by other Sony consoles in the same period of time.

The data come from the Asian publication DigiTimes and are reported by Serkan Toto in the tweet shown below (the original article requires the subscription to the magazine) and therefore speak of a historical record for PlayStation, with PS5 that would be be the best-selling console in the first month of launch with 3.4 million consoles distributed worldwide. We therefore speak of sell-in, or distribution to stores, but considering that the console is still nowhere to be found it is clear that all stocks have been sold to the public (unless they are in the touts' warehouses).

This is not yet the official data released by Sony, so for confirmation we will have to wait for further information from the company, but the signs of a great launch were quite evident, as previously reported by the same Jim Ryan who had reported that he had sold everything and that pre-orders in the first 12 hours were higher than PS4 sales in the first 12 weeks.

In short, we are not yet able to confirm this information but the data reported by DigiTimes seems to be realistic and speaks of a record launch for PS5 in the first month of market presence. There is also to consider how the console is constantly unavailable and the demand remains extremely high, so potentially sales could be much higher.

As regards the availability of units on the market, according to the publication it seems that Sony has managed to increase the production of PS5 for 2021, with the forecast to distribute from 16.8 to 18 million console during the year, with an increase in availability expected from January also in Asia.

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