Wikipedia photographs 2020: the most read pages

Wikipedia photographs 2020: the most read pages
A year certainly not easy is coming to an end, plagued by the pandemic, characterized by a sudden and forced change of habits. In 2020 we had to deal with the need to work in smart working and to study with the tools of distance learning, learning to communicate remotely with friends, relatives and colleagues to respect the impositions of distancing. A snapshot of the trends that have marked the last twelve months is provided by Wikipedia today.

What the world has read on Wikipedia this year

With a post on Medium, resources read more frequently. It goes without saying that in the first place there is that relating to the coronavirus. The rest of the ranking, however, is not so obvious. This is the Top 25 of the most consulted pages in English from the beginning of the year to December 15:

COVID-19 pandemic; Donald Trump; deaths in 2020; Kamala Harris; Joe Biden; coronavirus; Kobe Bryant; COVID-19 pandemic around the world; US presidential election 2020; Elizabeth II; Spanish influence; Elon Musk; 2016 US presidential election; Michael Jordan; COVID-19; COVID-19 pandemic in the United States; Sushant Singh Rajput; COVID-19 pandemic in India; QAnon; Parasite; Chadwick Boseman; United States; YouTube; United States constituency; Margaret, Countess of Snowdon. Great attention was paid to American politics, in particular to the appointment with the Presidential elections at the beginning of November: in this regard, the page relating to Vice President Kamala Harris was consulted more often than that of Joe Biden. The influence of streaming platforms on mass culture also emerges: Elizabeth II and Princess Margaret are represented in Netflix's The Crown series. Finally, attention was also paid to the conspiracy theorists of Qanon, to the visionary Elon Musk and to the many celebrities who passed away during the year.

Source: Medium