PS5: Allegedly the best launch of a PlayStation console so far

PS5: Allegedly the best launch of a PlayStation console so far
It was already known that the launch of the PS5 was very successful. So far, specific figures in this regard have been in short supply. But if you believe the just published information from Digitimes, the new Sony console was even able to set a new launch record.

As the magazine's report shows, they were worldwide within four weeks of the launch about 3.4 million copies were delivered to the trade. That would not only be a considerable number in itself, but would also be a new record. No other PlayStation console has achieved a better value in the same period of time. In addition, according to its own forecasts, Digitimes assumes that between 16 and 18 million more copies of the PS5 (buy now) will be delivered to retailers in the course of 2021, as the Asian market in particular will receive significantly better supplies from January Br>
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